21 projects for the social inclusion:

The BOX21 of the Itinerarium Foundation is a structure who’s aim is to help to develop quality living of people with special needs with the creation of 21 educative and social process.

1) Anna Vives: Designer with Down’s Syndrome that has more than 10 millions downloads in 80 countries of the typography that with 31 years she created.

2) Inclusive Football: Using methods where children with or not special needs train and play football together, inside the same structure of a sport club with the collaboration of Vicente del Bosque and Xavier Estrada Fernández.

3) Inclusive Circuits: Creation of inclusive circuits indifferent parts of the world. Here you can consult the inclusive circuits that already exist:
You can also download the App “Inclusive Circuits” for Apple and Android.

4) Joan Robots: He suffer’s from ataxy and goes in a wheelchair. He makes and sells robots that are made with recycle material. He has already sold more than 100. 14 years.  See the robot’s shop.

5) Sara Dinos: She suffer’s from hydrocephalus and does therapies with robots and animals in ordinary schools.She is 26 years old.

6) Quimitus Actor: Quim suffer’s from Joubert Syndrome. He works as an actor. He has shown up in the program “La Riera” in TV3 and in the film “Requirements to be a normal person” directed by Leticia Dolera. 22 years.

7) Ona and Estel Xocolata: Ona and Estel are twins with intellectual and mental difficulties. With the Xocala’s help, a social and inclusive enterprise in Cardedeu, they make products like the “Adding” chocolate.

8) Lia: Lia Beel is a blind paralympic athlete of 21 years champion of Spain of the 100 m smooth. Adding capabilities helps you achieve your goals by improving your quality of life. She talks about values in schools as an Ambassador of the Itinerarium Foundation.

9) Jordi Sevillano TV: Jordi, who has Down Syndrome, is 41 years old and his passion is journalism. As a voluntary collaborator of the Itinerarium Foundation, we have created the Jordi Sevillano TV channel. Discover the most fun and original interviews.